Grading Syllabus
All grades awarded by the Ren Bu Kan Okinawan Karate-Do will be according to the requirements detailed in the official Grading Syllabus.
It is important that all candidates are aware of the specific requirements they must meet before presenting themselves for examination.
White Belt
9th kyu to 7th kyu - Minimum 3 Months between grading
Ninth Eighth Seventh
Green Belt
6th kyu to 4th kyu - Minimum 3 Months between grading
Sixth Fifth Fourth
Brown Belt
3rd kyu to 1sth kyu - Minimum 6 Months between grading
Third Second First
 Black Belt
Minimum age 16 years
1st kyu to Shodan = 1 year between grading
Shodan to Nidan = 2 years between grading
Nidan to Sandan = 3 years between grading
Higher grades equal years in relation to level
Shodan Nidan Sandan