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The basic idea and philosophy of Ren Bu Kan was brought into being by the Chief Instructor Brian Turner in approximately 1996.

The Japanese phrase "REN BU KAN" broadly translates into the English phrase "THE PLACE TO TRAIN IN THE MARTIAL WAY". The meaning of this phrase is important and indicates what is at the heart of Ren Bu Kan ideology. We believe the creation of fighting Styles and their supposed superiority over all other styles is a nonsense and has had a detrimental effect on the growth of martial arts and Karate in particular, preventing many a participant from growing not only in themselves but also in their chosen martial art.  The only true place to train in the martial way is in your own heart.

Ren Bu Kans' core system is traditional karate rooted in Japanese Shotokan and Okinawan Goju Ryu systems, with the emphasis being placed on self defence, certain aspects of karate only make sense when considered from the point of view of self defence, and it is our belief that those important aspects have been lost or badly distorted by the demands of modern sport.

Our philosophy is relatively simple and starts with having respect for all martial arts and individual participants, only then can an individual have respect for oneself.  There is always something to learn and be gained from martial art styles different to ones own core system, which can only be achieved by having an open and receptive mind.  This attitude by the Okinawans coupled with their willingness to share ideas enabled karate to develop and spread around the world bringing numerous benefits to many an individual and community.

The main aim of Ren Bu Kan is to foster and develop Karate along traditional lines. To teach and preserve the Traditional Kata and their Bunkai (practical applications) and to promote friendship and an open attitude to learning between martial artists of different styles and systems.

To incorporate elements of other martial arts systems in an attempt to enable our own core system to grow and develop for the individual and group as a whole, whilst at the same time encourage other martial artists to achieve the same by enabling them to draw from our core style.

Brian came to karate late in life bringing with him his wealth of experience as a semi-professional boxer, rugby player and athlete. He has run his own full time fitness centre and fight school teaching both karate, boxing, and kick boxing since 1996.  He is also a consultant to a large security company teaching restraining techniques to security personnel.

In 2001 Brian went to Japan and was awarded his Black Belt. In 2002 he became a certified grading examiner.  Other qualifications and experience include being a qualified aerobics & fitness instructor, sports coach, sports psychologist, and international martial arts instructor. He has developed his own series of combat aerobics work out routines and is employed by Club La Santa Lanzarote to provide an annual Martial Arts Week attended by many nationalities throughout Europe and America.

In addition to this, he is also world renowned for his inventions of exercise training systems and equipment to help the disabled become more involved in physical exercise, including the production of exercise training media for both the martial arts and disabled fitness enthusiast, and he works extensively with some of the UK's paralympian athletes.

In 2011 Brian became qualified as a KEWAP (Knife & Edged Weapons Awareness Proficiency) instructor one of only two in the North East of England, and as a result is in high demand for courses on the subject.

Brian specialises in using kata for the basis of an individuals development, by firstly showing how to perform the visual form of a kata in a number of different ways, secondly how to develop fixed and adaptive two person drills using the kata sequence, and then how to investigate the unseen side of kata and identify possible practical applications to individual techniques and sequences of techniques that meet the physical attributes of the individual.

Training with the Bo/Staff is another tool that Brian uses to improve movement of individuals and is an effective way of learning practical natural movement to be applied in self defence situations.

Brian is available for courses for individual clubs or groups and holds an annual Martial Arts Week event in Lanzarote each December.  Details about booking fees, reviews and the Lanzarote course are accessible via the links on this page.

2008 Ren Bu Kan Okinawan Karate-Do.